Nicolai Wadstrom

My name is Nicolai Wadstrom, a several time Entrepreneur with track-record with-in Enterprise Software, Internet, Computer Games. Multiple time Startup CEO, CTO. Raised capital from Angels, Private Equity, Investment Banks and VC’s.

Been writing code since 10 years of age, and still an awesome developer.

Founder of BootstrapLabs that builds disruptive companies with world-class entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley, and have accelerated $1B+ in startup value since 2009.

Startups. I have started/founded companies since 1995 in areas ranging from Software and Internet Startups, to Computer Games and Financial Services, in Europe and Silicon Valley. Since 2004 I have advised other Entrepreneurs (and done some angel investments) and work with companies such as Prezi, Zerply and Witsbits, today I mainly do this through BootstrapLabs in Silicon Valley.
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Technology Due Diligence (DD). I have been on the buyer side, and on the seller side of M&A transactions, and have done Technology DD for M&A and investors. Combined experience as an investor, startup CEO and startup CTO, that still keep my software architecture and developer skills current I can assess technology, methodologies, processes and the teams.

Management. I have been an Startup CEO and Startup CTO, Project Manager, Software Architect for large scale projects, I have built, and managed Software Development, Q&A and implementation teams and done general turn-around management consulting.

Product Management. I have managed Product development cycles from inception of a company/product until established team, ongoing release cycles, including Roadmaps, Market intelligence etc.

Software Development. I started my carrier doing software development in Messaging and Simulation. Since I have developed large scale mobile service platforms, mobile apps, social mobile and web and financial transactions platforms. I have known how to write software since the age of 12, I have started, funded and built software companies around my product ideas.
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