Reinventing IT – Clayton M. Christensen @ Gartner Symposium 2011

Clayton M. Christensen talks about “Reinventing IT”, a must read book, and talk to watch for any Entrepreneur wanting disrupt.. Just about anything. Or rather understand why big established markets can be disrupted.

[iframe src=”http://gartner.mediasite.com/mediasite/play/9cfe6bba5c7941e09bee95eb63f769421d?t=1320659595″ width=”100%” height=”480″]

(You need to have Silverlight installed for the presentation to be displayed properly)

Courtesy of Gartner Group.

Build Hybrid Clouds with Witsbits

Fresh from the Witsbits blog:

Yesterday we snuck out a new major release* of Witsbits! We are very exited about it, please check it out and send us your comments about it!

A major upgrade is the Hosted Private Cloud feature. You can now rent servers from your favorite service provider directly from within the management console.

*If you already use Witsbits you don’t need to do anything, you are already upgraded.


  • Private Cloud (on-premise) – your own servers – no software!
  • Hosted Private Cloud – rent the servers you need directly from a service provide of your choice!
  • Hybrid Cloud – combine on-premise servers and hosted/rented servers!

Log in to Witsbits and the setup wizard will get you going in just a few minutes.


Are you a Hosting Provider? Please contact me if you would like to offer your servers through Witsbits.com. It’s very easy to set it up.

Stay Snappy,

* If you already use Witsbits you don’t need to do anything, you are already upgraded.

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How to succeed in Silicon Valley @ Innovate Sweden event at Stanford

A short presentation on some key things about connecting to the Silicon Valley eco-system, that I presented at Stanford this Wednesday (2nd of November 2011) at the Innovative Sweden event.

Startup Chile meet-up in Mountain View

The Startup Chile program, is the best effort I have seen to “clone” Silicon Valley, by any country or region. It’s a really smart and exciting idea.
What they do is giving away $40,000 grants over the next 4 years (to 1,000 entrepreneurs) to early stage startups willing to move to Chile for 6 months and work on their startup.

If you’re mobile, and low on cash, it’s one of the best sources of early funding available to startups.  You give up _no_ equity in exchange for the money.  The first round they had around 150 applications for 40 slots, so chances of getting in are good.

And, you’re guaranteed to be around a ton of other cool startups and entrepreneurs from all over the world willing to put it all on the line and move to Chile to get their startup off the ground.

They have an event at the Hackers Dojo, make sure to go there if interested!

They are having an informational meetup this Thursday at the Dojo.

We’re on the road again in California looking for the best and brightest entrepreneurs in the world and if you think you’ve got what it takes to garner US$40k of equity-free seed capital from Start-Up Chile for your global startup, don’t miss this opportunity!

This meetup will feature general information about the program (which Vivek Wadhwa calls a “ grand innovation experiment”) that has paved the way for a worldwide innovation revolution. We’ll explain in detail what it’s like to bootstrap from Chile and how you can become part of the initiative by applying right now, before the August 11th deadline.

New York Times: Zerply: A Non-Corporate LinkedIn, Built For and By the Web Generation

Great article about Zerply in the New York Times:

Despite its recent IPO, there’s a strong feeling among many people online that the professional network LinkedIn doesn’t quite work for them. Despite its millions of users, it isn’t necessarily easy to find people on LinkedIn that you’d want to work for you. And just as importantly, young people in particular feel as though you have to “put on a suit and tie and become part of a corporate structure” in order to participate.

Read the full article here

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Dave McClure invests in Zerply!

Great news, that have already appeared in a few places across the web:  We are very happe to share that Dave McClure is now investing in Zerply!

Congratulations Christofer, Taaniel and the rest of the team!

Zerply will also work with the 500 Startups program, which will greatly help Zerply accelerate their momentum. BootstrapLabs and the advisory team here will continue to support Zerply moving forward, and we are all very excited about having Dave McClure and 500 Startups involved with Zerply!

Read more here:

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European Startup Demo Night in San Francisco

BootstrapLabs, in collaboration with PariSoma, is looking for three European startups that are ready to come to Silicon Valley to participate in the European Startup Demo Night in San Francisco on July 21st.

The European Startup Demo Night is an invitation only event, that will match a select group of 10 startups with an audience of over 40 investors. Many leading angels and venture capitalists will be in attendance – among the anticipated audience: DFJ, Bessemer, Intel Capital, Accel, Trident and Google Ventures among many others.

All of these investors focus on early stage venture capital and/or angel rounds.

BootstrapLabs will select 3 candidates based on presentation, product / technology, team, and market potential.  Candidates who are selected will be allowed to give a 4 minute presentation, followed by a 4 minute Q&A at the event in San Francisco.

Participating companies will be responsible for all costs during the trip.


  • European startups looking to raise an early stage round in Silicon Valley
  • Roadmap that includes going to Silicon Valley
  • You must be able to come an present in Silicon Valley at the event on July 21st.
  • Product focus in IT, Internet, Software, Cloud, SaaS, Digital Media.

Reach out to us here.

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The Startup Visa – crucial for Silicon Valley!

The Startup Visa has been on it’s way to legislation since last year, the Startup Visa had been first introduced in the US Senate in 2010 but was allowed to expire. Now it’s time again, and I hope it will become legislation, because if there is one single thing I learned about what makes Silicon Valley what it is, it’s the constant influx of people from all over the world.

And if that can be increased we will see even more things happen here in Silicon Valley, and it will fuel the recovery of the US economy with both jobs and economic growth. It is the one single thing that the US can do to increase it’s competative advantage in the global economy.

I support the Startup Visa, as it will help many of the entrepreneurs I work with every day,  read more about it here, in an interview by the Economic Times.

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It’s not the technology, stupid!

There is a trend and a lot talk about Digital Distraction Disorder (on the web of course), and a lot of people saying things like:

  • “I don’t want technology…”
  • “I don’t like technology… “
  • “Sometimes I just want to be disconnected and have no technology”

I am all for disconnecting from our always on, always connected lifestyle, and be filled with other senses than what get’s streamed over an Internet connection. And I do think this lifestyle creates unhealthy situations for some people. I do think there are real problems in our inability to manage the opportunities presented in a meaningful and healthy way.

However, I am quite  tired of the discussion that our “technology” is the root of these problems. This is really about culture and lifestyle, and not about technology. The technology is what you make of it.

And almost everything around us is technology, it’s technology that puts a roof over our head, food on the table, the paper books that we read (yes Gutenberg’s printing press was technology as well), the piano, the violin and even our cloths on our bodies are technology. With-out any tech we would be living in caves (and no we wouldn’t have fire or anything to hunt with…

What have happened in the past 10 to 20 years is that we now a technology so vastly more powerful, with so much potential that we don’t really (yet) know how to deal with it.

I think the discussion should be about how we harness and use the opportunities presented by all this new technology better (and better means healthy, life quality improving ways), not how we cut down on using technology. That is a western’s romantic dreams of a simpler lifestyle, that unfortunately in reality either means you need to be really rich or decent to poverty and a lower quality of life. Many don’t realize that the biggest gain in quality of life and health comes from technology and the resulting increase in efficiency in our society. Look at how technology in 100 years radically transformed agriculture (in the western world) from requiring 50% or more of the population to be producers to less than 3% to produce the food needed for the whole population.

So I think you should think about this:

  • Having time to do all the things we enjoy, and not work 7 days a week, 12+ hours a day to survive, thank technology.
  • If you are healthy and you are growing old or our parents are, thank technology.
  • If you are sitting in a nice comfy chair reading a great book, with a fire place burning, thank technology.
  • If you have time to read my rambling blog, thank technology 😉

I think the solution to our “problems with technology” or rather our lifestyle of today, is more technology, and with that I mean technology that makes using all this technology easier and more efficient.

And as an entrepreneur, I encourage anyone seeing the problems, to flip the coin to see the opportunity, be an entrepreneur and create something that makes our use of technology more efficient and improve our quality of life!

Share your thoughts!

And please share how you organize your life/lifestyle to make efficient use of technology to improve quality of life, do you have method to not become stressed by an always on World? How do you manage that constant flow of e-mails? Or other things to react to?

Maybe there is hope for Spotify

Maybe there is hope for Spotify after all, after reading this: iPod, Meet Spotify; iTunes, Say Hello To Your Future Rival. First I have to say that I absolutley love Spotify’s product. It’s a great team, and I am furtunate to be connected with some of the early team that created spotify, so I have been using it since the very early and closed test versions. Until about 2 years ago, when I came to the US to build up BootstrapLabs, because Spotify is not in the US and does not work in the US.

And over time I have slowly started to think that, their fate might be the same as so many great European startups, they are surpassed by US (mostly Silicon Valley) startups that start later, but execute quicker. The European ones tend to end up in the dead pool, or be acquired by the US competitor. It’s dangerous to be too late in entering the US market for European startups.

For a company like Spotify, this is especially true, when over 50% of the world’s music market (in $) happen to be in the US, and Spotify has yet to come to the US. I am not alone in this thinking, when I talk to founders of some of the big Silicon Valley music startups.

I hope I am wrong, and that Spotify, will soon enter the US market, and take a stronghold position!

What are your thoughts?