I have been quite busy working on a number of startups since end of last year, and it looks like this will be an interesting year. Although I am currently involved in a number of different areas from Online gaming, Business Intelligence to a type of Business Development Lab, most business models are oriented towards what used to be called “the new economy”, but nowdays those business models are proven and not so much of a new economy. It turns out the economy wasn’t new, it just presented both established and new comapnies with somewhat different oppertunities, threats and ways of doing business.

I think that we will see a whole new generation of new interesting Internet based services and a number of recycled .com-ideas coming back as sustainable and profitable businesses, driven by among other things:

  • Broadband infrastructure in place to support media services and “always” connected type of applications (at least wired at this point) .
  • Payment facilities in place, it is rather easy to handle payments online today, even for small sums.
  • Mature market and criticial mass the average person in the west spends more time on the Internet than watching TV.
  • Mobile Internet is finally starting to become a reality with new services (why did it take so long for operators to figure out that the 3G killer app is: Internet!) and the new “Turbo 3G” services and new wide-range WiFi standards.
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