It has been some time since I had time to get around to write something in this blog, a lot of work and two weeks of vacation in the US combined has occupied most of my time for the last month.
When I was in San Francisco the other week (and Windows was finally crapping up to a state of total unusability on my notebook, which it does every 12-months or so, and knew I had to take care of that when I got back to Europe) so I picked up a Mac Mini (with the Intel Dual Core CPU), I thought that with the Intel CPU if I didn’t like the Mac GUI and/or OS, I could always install Windows or Linux on it, or use it as my Media PC (Front-Row seemed alright).

Well it was over my expectations, first I have to say it has a very nice design and fits well on the desk, which was what brought my interest in the first place.
Secondly, this is the first Mac I ever owned (I have had used Macs briefly before), and I must say that I love the Mac OS X platform once I have used it a bit more, UNIX as base and a very nice and compelling GUI, especially when hooked up to my 1680×1050 21′ TFT Wide wide screen, and a ordinary 3-button mouse (I never liked the one button mac interaction), many Mac displays I have seen just had too low resolution (especially on their Notebooks).

I indeed liked it so much that I would easily have forked out a €200 to get Mac OS X for my Thinkpad (with a 1400×1050 14′ display) instead of Windows (that needed reinstalling again, 16 months since last time). I am considering a new notebook to use for work, and I have actually been considering a Mac Book Pro, but they are just not up to The Thinkpad T60p in terms of Memory capacity (4GByte), Graphics, Screen resolution, TrackPoint (this is important for me) and having more than one mouse button, besides battery life on equal CPU (Intel Dual Core CPU) is roughly 3 times on the Thinkpad (which is maybe the most important feature). Well if Apple ever decides to sell Mac OS X to install on third party computers I will probally be their first customer.

Thumbs up for Apple, but let’s hope that Apple do start selling (or do a OEM bundling with Lenovo) their Mac OS X or make better Business notebooks that are more up to par with the Thinkpads.

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