Today and tomorrow I am attending reboot 8.0 to get some new input and inspiration. So far it has been interesting, nothing really new under the sun, but lifting focus from all of the todos and what’s happening right now, and step back to get a view of the bigger picture while listening some of the bright and possionate minds here gives some food for thought.

Some brief comments for the day:

Renaissance? – of networks that serve end users not absent owners – Malcom J Matson – oplan foundation
Good presentation about the telecoms industry and their [in Malcom’s view] obsolete business model, by the founder of colt communications. Intersting view on the development of telecommunications, more information available at the oplan website.

Steve Coast – OpenStreetmap
Cool project to gather map data from the global community to build non copyrighted maps, todate it has 21 Million GPS points and started wuth hardware donated from the university, but has out-grown this to accomodate the processing demands for aggregating the information One member builds stress maps (aggregated stress levels for people in different areas).

Demo of
User community for friends to blog, pictureblog etc. Does not accept new users todate, but could be an interesting up and coming community.

The piratebay guys had the server consficated yesterday, but are here to tell about their website and that they are back tomorrow. On the question of if this is right, or why they are doing this? – “If you do what you want with your Internet and I will do what I want with mine”
For me this says alot of why a lot of people are so dedicated of doing things on the Internet, just because it can be done, and because it’s not owned by somebody else (everby owns their Internet…).

Mobile 2.0 – Social Renaissance –
Good presentation about Marko’s ideas and thoughts of Mobile 2.0, going from the 1.0 that was driven largly by operators Phone subsidies. This paved the way for widespread usage of mobile phones (2 Billion todate).
Marko’s view on the challenges and oppertunitues of the 2.0 of mobiles

  • Reach
  • Somtimes off (in a world that is always on)
  • Hackability – or Personalization – How does the individual “complete” the object? Or you own programs, skins, covers etc.
  • Social primitives – Not yet such as gift giving (face-to-face, digital gifts), Signaling (Short messages – such as SMS, or emotional), Photostream, Peer production (decentralized work), Remixing ()
  • Open – Open protocols, open source software => Access and widespread usage
  • Simplicity – Make technology accessible and usable
  • Justice –
    On Manufacturers and Operators the shift (see above presentation by Malcom J Matson)
    Today’s market is diverse and range from a number of different traditional telcom providers, Skype, WiFi networks, ISP’s etc, and all of them are possible customers of Nokia.
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