At the moment I am working on a few of projects, most involve aspects of technology and organisations, how it is used to achive certain goals, or pave the way for advancing the organisations flexibility and business oppertunities, this is most central in most IT related projects, so this it’s nothing new but the challenge is:

How do we flatten the organisation?

I am not thinking about the traditional sense of removing hierarchy (that is a separate thread), but I am thinking back to Thomas Friedmans book “The world is flat” and how Internet and web technology (Web browsers, workflow software etc) has enabled a global workplace, where a service can be seamlessly be performed by somebody next door or on the other side of the globe. How do we move that into the organisation? I am thinking about not how to out-source the work, but more of a leadship challenage; how to move that thinking vertically and get all workers invovled in the processes that change and evolve the organisation? Current Internet tools (and peoples knowledge about using web based applications) creates tremendous oppertunities, but I have seen quite a bit of IT projects with-in organisations that have provided all the tools, but people never use them, sometimes it’s lack of training, but often it is lack of motivation. My experience is that technology is easy, people are not.

The outsourcing companies in India pay their workers a very good sallary, and there are enough of skilled, motivated people that want to make use of their skills to raise their standards of living, so motivation is a lot easier. In the western world it’s not uncommon for workers to complain about not being able to influence their workplace at the sametime they do not use the tools at hand to do so.

How do we motivate people to use the tools that would flatten the organisations, and make them more agile, motivate the good brains to be part of the various processes that produce new and improved services and products?

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