I think that most of us in the western world take democracy for granted, but can we really just rely on democracy being self-evident part of our society?

Being a Swedish citizien (although not resident in Sweden anymore) I of course voted in this years election that took place on the 17th of September. As expected the liberal alliance won, and broke the red-green coaltion ruling that have been in place for the last 12 years (Sweden has had a red, or Social democratic rule most, ~ 88%, of the last 70 years with very few interuptions).

I believe this was an historic election, because the social democratic government has not lost an election in the middle of a “booming” economy, and the major party of the liberal alliance (“Allians för Sverige”) has slidded more to the middle and more of a social liberal agenda. They had a very clear agenda of how to create more jobs and get a lot of the almost 20% of the population that is not working (unemployed, early retirement, long-time sickleave) and wants to work (which is 60-70%) into the workplace. This is why they won the election, and this is the politic they will try to enforce during their term, they have been quite transparent and clear.

People have become quite tired of the Social Democratic ruling, which has become corrupt (in ways of appointing officials and terms of accountability), they have started to see themself as an institution more than elected by the people.

On the DN (https://www.dn.se) website I read an article written by the head of the biggest union in Sweden, Wanja Lundby-Wedin, saying that she will work against the newly elected government and it’s politics.

This might not sound to bad, but LO is a very powerful organisation that has always had an affiliation with the Social democratic party. They are probally the most powerful national organisation in Sweden, they are estimated to have spent 100 million SEK to fund the Socidal Demoractic party campaing for the last election (this is very controversial in Swedish politics). They also used to make their union members party memebers (with-out telling them…) until just a few years ago (which gave the party lot’s of the tax money, each party is entitle to certain sum from for each member). The different unions that belong to LO has just below 10% of the population among it’s members. I doubt the way they are conducting politics are in their members best interest. Their ways of working would scare anybody who has read Russian and European history. The head of LO, Wanja Lundby-Wedin, is also one of the canidates to replace the Social Democratic party leader, Göran Person, that will step down begining of next year.
How will this turn out? I don’t know, but I do believe that democracy need to be guarded and nurtured to prevail, and there are forces even in a democratic society that if left to their own devices will start to see themselves as entitled power, and act accordingly.

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