Here’s the three simple steps to being a successful entrepreneur that are so simple, that they the more harder to accomplish.

Starting a new company and being an entrepreneur is very hard, for a great number of reasons, where the major one I would say is that you have to a be so many thing at any one time until you reach that point of perhaps 10-15 employees. There are a number of other obstacles on they way, from understanding the market, funding etc. When you breached these hurdles the real journey begins, which is also in other ways much harder and I would say that it helps to have a few things quite clear from the start to be able to keep successfully face the challenges that will arise. In my opinion they boil down to 3 simple things for you and your company to focus on:

What could you excel in? Where is the potential to be just a little better than the competition? This does not have to be what you or the competition have done for the past 20 years, and it does not have to be your current core business, but start from where you are right now and look forward.
Core of your business model. You and the rest of the company must understand the simple most basic part of your business model, and how to measure it. It could be a simple as profit per “xyz”, which you could compare between different locations of your stores, different marketing campaigns etc.
Where is your passion? Try not to make your organization passionate about something, find out what makes them passionate.

On a personal context this would translate to:

  1. Work with something that you are good at (find others to do what you are bad at).
  2. Find something that also pays well.
  3. Make sure it is something you are passionate about.

The more of these three elements you could find in your mix, I can almost promise you that, the more happier you will be in your personal life besides being a more successful entrepreneur.

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