Here’s a thing that I have been given a lot of though that last few years,

What is the difference between the Entrepreneur, the Innovator and the Business Savvy (eager to make money) approach to starting companies?

Well my take is that there is none or rather you need all of them, sometimes these three is one person sometimes it is three and so on. But the important thing is to be an Entrepreneur you have to:

  • Be opportunistic, catch the window of opportunity.
  • Be innovative, find new ways of offering or making a service or product, or completely new services and products.
  • You have to make money for your company, and you have to make money for yourself, to be able to continue to be an Entrepreneur.

What about starting a company to do what you love, or is really passionate about? These are not exclusive, and in fact I would say that you have to be passionate about what you do to be really good at something. And being really good increases the success ratio of your startup business. And not making money means you can not put the same effort into your business, which would decrease the success ratio…

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