I am in the market for a new laptop, and I am thinking that maybe it’s not going to be a Windows PC, but I would like to get the quality, durability and overall sturdiness that Lenovo Thinkpads give me, but I would like to switch to Mac OS X. I do not think the Apple hardware is superior or better, but since I bought a Mac Mini last year I have gotten to like the Mac OS X operating system, and have gotten quite tired of Windows, Vista has some appealing features, but I would still prefer to Switch Windows XP to Mac OS X than upgrading to Windows Vista for my Laptop that I use for work.

I travel quite a lot and I always carry my laptop with me, so a light and sturdy, well-designed Business laptop like the Thinkpad is what worked very well for me for the last 10 years or so, so Steve Jobs, here’s my wish list for new portable business Macs:

  • Make a Tablet Mac as an option, why should one have to run Windows to use a tablet PC?
  • Better battery time, the Thinkpads give me up-to 8 (or more) hours of actual run time on one charge (the MacBook homepage says 5.5 hours, people tell me ~ 3 hours is typical).
  • Trackpoint, I know most people used the cheaper PC laptops and got used to the pad. But The TrackPoint is addictive and works really well for me, in fact so well, it’s major feature when buying a new laptop (I even have a IBM Trackpoint keyboard for my Mac Mini).
  • Better Graphics, I would actually like real graphics performance (not for games but for business apps), like I can get with the Thinkpads, HP’s, Dell’s etc.
  • Built-in 3G, why would I have to get a PC to get built-in 3G cards, these are available as standard mini-PCI cards.

So Steve, keep up the good job with the Mac OS X, steal some ideas from Lenovo and build the best portable business Laptops.

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