According to IDG, the Swedish government have ordered one of the worlds fastest computer to be put to use by FRA (Swedish military surveillance section, Swedish version NSA), this news comes at the same time as the government propose new laws to allow FRA to monitor all Internet traffic int and out of Sweden.

The new supercomputer would yield a computing capacity of 180 TFlops (or 184 320 GFlops), powered by 17024 cores on 4256 processors. The officialy most powerful computer on the Top 500 list has a performance of 358 TFlops, the second 124 TFlops, so this new supercomputer would be the second most powerful supercomputer in the world. Admittedly many governments around the world do keep their military supercomputer installations secret. Sweden have never had a supercomputer of that capacity for civil use.
Such as supercomputer has a few usages, research, cracking encryption codes, or sipping through and indexing huge amounts of information (such as the search engines, Google, etc), so if it’s not being used for research it’s very likely to be used for information espionage as the new laws will allow FRA to do.


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  1. […] Fortunately the legislation was postponed, even though the former Swedish government’s major party (Social Democrates) are pro the wiretap proposal, the smaller parties in the parliament managed to post-pone the legislation of it for at least a year. Hopefully the opposition will gain some momentum by then. I wonder what RFA (Swedish NSA eq.) will use their new super computer for if the proposal is not passed to legislation. […]

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