Blogging live from Von Europe Spring 2007, just heard about Quad Play and I can’t help thinking that is just another way of for the operators to create a another grip and lock-in on their customers,
I think so, what is essential is

  1. Ubiquitous connectivity as Sheldon Renan (founder of Wibiki) spoke about with his concept of Netness.
  2. Open standards and less regulation.
  3. Lot’s of room for third party applications.

Simply put, we need less of the old telco-world of regulations, device lock-in, high-date rates, monstrous roaming charges, and is instead flat-rate IP-based connectivity at home, in mobiles and just about everywhere.

On that platform of a ubiquitous IP-infrastructure we can have triple-play, quad-play, penta-play or whatever, everything is just another service or application over IP, may it be Video, Voice etc. And we will see convergence between applications and new types of applications with Voice or Video applied.

This will create room for innovation, new types of services and application and true convergence. But also the lower barrier of entry works both ways, new services will have more competition and hard to create and maintain barriers of entry, so this create some new challenges to consider, most notably:

How to create business and make money in a world with-out scarcity?

Or perhaps with less scarcity, the ones that manage to-do this, will succeed in the long run. Or perhaps just find scarcity in other ways, such as having a better service, or a more innovative service etc.

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