Yesterday Skype had it’s first major outage. Although a massively distributed architecture, some points of the Skype architecture seems to be centralized like login and authentication (a few steps behind super-nodes and super-supernodes), which might and seem to be the cause of the failure. There is one thing that the old Telco’s has been very successful in archiving; and it’s the reliability of the centralized PSTN network. Although the phone has remained almost the same for a 100 years, and then mobile phones came along, and now IP based Voice communication and things are suddenly moving very rapidly?

A question for all of you; the inhibition of innovation in Telco space (by being very restrictive in letting 3rd parties provide services in their networks) is due to their strive of high availability or their strive to protect their revenues?

I would believe the latter and that the Telco’s would acclaim the former. What do you think?

At the end of the day, the users won’t care about what technology you use, until it breaks…

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