I am in Stockholm today, and decided that although working mostly with UK companies, and most things in my (professional) life are in English, I do have been accustomed to one simple thing… Swedish keyboard layout, and I decided to switch to Mac today, and went to look for a Mac this afternoon (with EU VAT papers etc from the company I work with/for). It seems that everything that don’t fit the norm, is too much work you just ask your customer to come back later, call your Economy department, or something to get rid of your customer. In Sweden a sale or customer is not always very valued. And if the Economy department (or the one that handles or knows sales EU companies) go home after Lunch on Friday; Sorry we can not sell you that laptop. There are over 450 million people in the EU, Sweden is less than 2% of them; maybe one should make sure that the staff in the stores knows how to handle these matters? One could argue that EU sales are such a small percentage of the sales in the stores in Stockholm; well, no wonder..

So first lesson for successful sales (and just about anything you want to make happen); if you have somebody that is willing to buy or act, do not put them in a position where you are not able to respond to any changes in that, do not leave them alone to go somewhere else or decide not to act, cease the opportunity right there. If they have decided to act and you can not respond to that right away, make sure that you keep being in control of the interaction or conversation, so you can remove any of the obstacles or react to any changes that come along the way. Do not tell you customers to call you back, try to make it happen right now or take their number and call them back! Keep yourself in charge of the conversation!

Longing to be back in the UK and the international cosmopolitan London, where people actually know there is a world outside the borders…

PS I did find one store that was very helpful and obviously more EU-friendly (www.inlife.se), but they were out of stock for the MacBook Pro I wanted (perhaps because they are more forthcoming they move them more quickly?), but I have made a reservation so hopefully I will have it shipped or pick it up next week!

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