So finally after many years with Windows, and lately with Windows Vista, I decided to switch my main work machine to a Mac. I already have a Mac Mini, but that’s just for fun, and I use it more as a PVR than anything else and I still do most of my actual work my Thinkpad Notebook.

I am not getting a Mac because they make better laptops than Lenovo, they don’t. They make good laptops, but Lenovo Thinkpads still are better laptops in terms of performance, durability, battery time etc and more suited for my needs. Windows Vista however is not suited for my needs, so that is my primary reason for switching to Mac.

Also I hope that Steve Jobs statements about “nobody is using Java anymore” was a mistake; with a few billion devices (many of them are mobile phones) that support Java, a lot more people use Java than Macs… Besides personally it’s a must, even though I don’t normally do any development work; I need to test things that comes from the development (which a lot of it is Java based server applications) in the various startups I work with and some of the most common productivity applications that I use everyday are written in Java, so when choosing Mac; Java support is a must for me.

So now that I got my new MacBook Pro yesterday, and started installing all the stuff I work with (including VMWare Fusion, to use my Windows artifacts during the transition), all in all I am happy with the 15.4″ 2.4GHz MacBook Pro that I bought, it is really fast, and even Windows XP inside VMWare Fusion boots in a matter of seconds (Windows Vista on my old Thinkpad, although the fastest available when I got it, 2GB RAM, High-speed disk, 2.0GHz Laptop takes almost a minute).

My first impression and thoughts about the machine (and ideas for improvement):

  • Higher resolution display for the 15.4″, my 4.5 year old Thinkpad, has 1400×1050 on 14″ display, which is actually a quite good resolution, 1440×900 is a bit low, a higher DPI gives much crisper graphics and text (even new mobiles like the new Nokia Communicator has a higher DPI than 15.4″ MacBook Pro).
  • Optional Trackpoint, I think I will get used to the Mac Trackpad, it’s quite good for Trackpad, but it do not have the precision and ergonomics of a Trackpoint (the latter, quite a good aspect of, you do not need to move your hand going between typing and moving the mousepointer).
  • Disk encryption like the Thinkpads have.
  • Built-in WWAN (but don’t do it like Lenovo, thery were the first in the world to launch this in 2005, but the models were only sold with SIM-locked subscriptions, which means these models where not sold i most parts of Europe, due to hard do agreements with all different small Telco’s). There are many
  • Longer Battery life, although it is quite acceptable, the Thinkpad X series is quite unbeatable (7 – 9 hours of actual usage, not fictive hours).

Overall I am happy with my Switch to Mac, and I think that both the hardware and the new environment will serve me well for my work needs. But I am hoping that now that Apple have a momentum (Apple grows faster than PC) they will keep it up and get some of the features needed to make Mac a fully-featured Business laptop as well.

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  1. Nicolai Wadstrom
    Nicolai Wadstrom says:

    Regarding performance, I read a comparison of Notebooks to run Windows Vista earlier this week, and the IDG Magazine compared a MacBook Pro with a Thinkpad X61 and wow, the MacBook Pro was faster (a Core 2 Duo at 2.3 GHz would be faster than a Core Duo Low Voltage CPU), the X61 is a very light machine with amazing battery time (7 hours actual time, and with extra battery 10). Makes you question the IDG papers knowledge and what they write. A T61p and a MacBook Pro are more of better comparison (they both have good 3D Graphics, the same CPU’s etc), and roughly the same physical size, although the Mac is a bit thinner. The Mac is still a good choice though, but Apple still do not make really small Business laptops with the excellent battery time that Lenovo does. I would like to see a Mac Web Tablet soon to replace my Pen and paper, when will that be Jobs?


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