Can you spot the PC?These numbers are old; but they indicate that Apple was growing more rapidly in the begining of the year, and if looking at this picture it’s no wonder.

The question is can you spot the PC in the picture?

Still happy with my switch to Mac OS X, it’s working really well for me. The only hazzle has been moving my e-mails from Outlook, which I in the end decided not to do (in theory you can import into Thunderbird on Windows, and then import the Thunderbird files on the Mac Mail, but it will never import all of your e-mails, due some differences in how Thunderbird stores the files).

I think that Leopard will be a nice step forward as well, so will be interesting when that comes out, with some updated features.

Been quite busy working on the latest startup projects, most notably GlocalReach that is doing a funding round right now, and have not had too much time for blogging. Will do better to keep blogging a bit more!

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