undefined  Happy holidays, and best wishes for the new year! Nicolai Wadstrom 

It’s that time again, and for me it’s about reflection of the events of the past year, and looking into the next year.I think that we are indeed living in interesting times. In the nineties I used to think that, it was a shame that I wasn’t in my twenties in the beginning of the eighties, and could have been part of the Software and Hardware boom. Then Internet really happened, and I came to the conclusion that the start of the 21th century was the most interesting time to be an active entrepreneur, and now I believe we have just seen the start of it, the most exciting things in Information Technology and Internet have yet to happen. And my view of the future is optimistic, there are so many possibilities and opportunities for those that are brave enough to go after them.But now it’s time for X-Mas with family and some time to wind down and relax, and do some reading (starting reading Ayn Rand’s Atlas shrugged this week, recommended reading)! So, Happy Holidays and best wishes in the new Year! Nicolai  

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  1. Christian Rudolf
    Christian Rudolf says:

    Good choice from an philosofic standpoint. You do understand entrepenourship is important for an healthy society and why an increased level of entrepenourship will make the world a much better place!

    Good to Great is my Christmas reading! I have started and understands why it has sold 3 million copy:s

  2. Nicolai Wadstrom
    Nicolai Wadstrom says:

    Good to great is a great book, with lot’s of good insights. The one thing that I keep in the back of my head from Good to great is, “it’s all about the right people at the right places”.

    I think Good to great is essential reading for any Entrepreneur or manager.


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