In my previous post I forgot to metion the one feature that I think that Apple really got right with the iPhone, and perhaps one of the most important (and neglected one):

Data Synchronization

It syncs everything onto my Laptop, and not only my Contacts and Calendar (that works well with my old Nokia E61), but it syncs, my Internet Bookmarks, browser sessions, favorite call list etc. Which means if I loose my iPhone I have it all backed up. But the important thing is that the sync is pretty much seamless and automatic. I plug it in to my computer, and it’s charged, synchronized and photos sent to iPhoto. I went to Apple store San Francisco yesterday to replace my 8GB iPhone with a 16GB one (they were out of stock last week), plug it in, and a few minutes later all my data is back, even my call history (this goes away on my Nokia E61 each time I switch SIM card, from my UK to US, or Swiss one).

It’s not only backup, makes it easy for me to browse the Internet, bookmark interesting stuff for reading more later when I am using the iPhone, and continue that on my laptop. It makes me surf more on the iPhone.

The same data synchronization can be extended to other applications and with the new SDK it probably will be used by everything from CRM applications, to documents to just about anything you could imagine, and you will have be able to have seamless access to your data on your small “web-tablet” iPhone and on your desktop or laptop.

With that in mind I would also buy a larger “web-tablet” (think A5 or 3 Iphones together), of roughly the same thickness as the iPhone, and I would replace my paper notebook with it, and use it for reading eBooks, on the Web, e-mail and taking notes and sketches on the go. A tablet of this type will not need a full-blown Windows or Mac OS X, the computer power of the iPhone would come a long way to do the tasks needed (think of the Asus Eee PC).

I think we are seeing the next generation of PDA’s, that is really picking up where Palm left off (or got off-track), and they might have big brothers and sisters that will be what the Tablet PC always wanted to be (or Bill Gates vision of it at least).

If I wasn’t to busy with a number of other startup companies, I would look into doing something here of getting a Linux based small (less than 10 mm) Tablet PC, that has a iPhone like user experience, there is room for a number of products in this space (think same user experience and UI, but different form factors to appeal to different people), but Apple might do it, and if they do, it’s hard to compete with.

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  1. PalMik
    PalMik says:

    Lots of talk about mobilestartups … but who is the current demographic for this … certainly ain’t me … when I need to surf or whatever I throw up my laptop. The times I actually would need it is when trying to find a location in a new city etc … but then I’m most likely abroad so its so extremely expensive to use the Internet that I don’t and spend the money on a cab instead ;).

  2. Nicolai Wadstrom
    Nicolai Wadstrom says:

    I would agree, there are a lot of mobile startups that are a bit overhyped..

    But, the user experience is important, I usually have my laptop with my at most times. But when traveling with my iPhone I surf a lot more, because it’s so handy, to lookup things on a map or do other things. But I have local SIM cards for many of the places I usually tavel to (I have 6 SIM cards at this time!), which makes it a lot more affordable.

    Anyhow, I think there will be a shift, and more mobile and smaller web tablet devices will appear, I see that I use the iPhone at home (over my WiFi) to view video clips and other things because it is convenient.


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