Been a bit slow with the posts, it’s partly because I have been quite busy with my startups, traveling, and my MacBook Pro is being serviced by Apple (or their partners).

Since this fall I have been a happy Apple user, and now it was time for a check-up, it have been behaving oddly for a few months, but I was just too busy to not have a my laptop. Apple had it for 10 days, and they are not yet done with it, which is really bad (that are “hoping” to have it to me before the end of this week!!!).

I think the Apple service in Europe might not be as good at it has to be to be feasible for typical business users. I am not upset that I need to service it, every manufacturer of a portable PC’s have these issues (some more, like a friends Dell had to be repaired 5 times the first 3 weeks), some less (IBM/Lenovo Thinkpads have served me well in the past), but speedy service is essential, and in using Thinkpads since 1996 until last fall service has always been swift everywhere in the world.

So although happy with my Mac, if Apple won’t improve warranty service response times, this is a major drawback for going for a Mac for business use.

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  1. Paul
    Paul says:

    It’s really regrettable that Apple service in Europe is so slow. In the U.S. I’ve been very impressed by the speed of repairs, often returned to me within two days of shipment! In Europe I’ve had to wait for weeks. I’m not sure if the quality of repair is better there though, because here it’s often terrible. I’ve only rarely NOT had to send it back again for another repair in connection with the first repair. Often one thing is fixed, but another issue introduced.

    In any case, you’re absolutely right. If Apple wants to be taken seriously as a viable business computer alternative to windows computers, they need to improve their repair speeds and support hours.

  2. Wille
    Wille says:

    I must have been very fortunate with laptops (touch wood..) – I have only ever had problems with one laptop, 10 years ago, a Swedish noname laptop that I eventually got my money back for.

    Other than that, my last 3-4 laptops have been problem free, one I bought 5 years ago runs happily for my mother, and another bought 3 years ago is a secondary machine at home.
    (Dell, Acer and Sony respectively, out of which the 3 year old Acer seems and feels like the most solidly built machine).


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