I see myself as rather computer savvy, and even though I don’t particularly enjoy fixing, installing stuff on my computer, I always get the job done (perhaps asking Google a question or two), but even at that, it’s easy to find lot’s of useful software on the Internet, but what software can I trust? What will actually work for me? Both commercial software (such as Norton Anti-Virus) and free can cause a lot of problems and it’s hard to know what will work for you among all the things you can download on the Internet.

Think about how hard it is for my mom? The number of people using computers everyday for work, at home etc is growing everyday, and most don’t have an IT department to check and manage what software is virus free and won’t create a conflict, they manage and install software themselves and are not too comfortable about finding what will work well, and will not contain malware and spyware.

Christian Rudolf’s Mjukvara.se want’s to solve this by offering localized reviews and rating of software, to make it easy for people to find good products. It works much like Download.com, but is localized for the Swedish market. And by segmenting it well for specific targets, such as “Brandvägg” (firewall) and “Anti-Virus” he makes it both SEO friendly and easy to find for users on the website.

Personally I often tend to think globally for my projects, and sometime I miss great local opportunities that are just in front of me and I think Christian is on to something by going local for this, there is a lot of people that will trust a localized website a lot more.

Trust on the Internet is an issue that have had a lot of attention in the past, but I think this is an area where we will have a rapid growth of services, solutions and technology. And I think hardware solution’s such as Yubico, will continue to grow, but it will be more about services and solutions. Credit rating will merge with different types of trust and authentication solutions to form new services for Internet trust and identification (which goes beyond authentication), this will be a separate blog post about a business idea about Internet trust though!

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  1. Christian Rudolf
    Christian Rudolf says:

    Thanks a bunch for your words Nicolai

    I belivie trust and transparency are comodities we lack in this world. Many people focus a lot of energy to the technical perspecive but with Googles arrival to the global arena. Tech becomes less and less important(and a lot cheaper) and trust becomes increasingly valuable.

    Local concept can very quickly become global concept. Its just a PPC campaign away.

    I realise Mjukvara.se needs a lot of love, and it will get love. A little every day! The market is conquered a little bit every day!


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