I presented my startup GlocalReach at Launch: Silicon Valley 2008 this Tuesday, great event, lot’s of great companies there, and we were lucky enough to be selected by large number of companies submitted to present. Meet with Bill Reichert at Garage Ventures, Adeo Ressi creator of thefunded.com (which you need to check if you haven’t already!), among others. Like the thing Adeo is doing with the funded, but seems to stir a lot of emotions in the VC industry. Also I meet Tim Draper.

I was next to last to present, and after the last presentation, the closing speech for the event was delivered by Tim Draper (Managing Director at Draper Fisher Jurvetson (funded companies like HotMail, Skype among others), great speech about leadership, entrepreneurship, and visions. His view on questions such as will economy down-turn is that the next 5 years will be the 5 best yet for entrepreneurs. But most importantly, he finished his speech with singing live on stage. A song he wrote. About Entrepreneurship, and taking risks, about being a “Risk Master”.

Memory stick got full in my camera… But here’s a video, from a previous live performance of “The Risk Master” by Tim Draper:

(Get the song from Tim’s web site: The Risk Master).

Even though Tim told me every VC sings and dance on stage here in Silicon Valley, I know it’s not so, but a lot of the VC’s here understands that Entrepreneurship is about being a “Risk Master”, which is not as true back in Europe, and especially in Sweden (which explains why Draper Fisher Jurvetson invests in Skype but no Swedish “VC’s” believed in Skype). For us Europeans a senior VC partner doing a “Sing and Dance” is just something else!

Tim, hats off, I like your style! I have had both good and bad investor experiences, and I try to choose investors carefully. You seem to be a guy I would like to work with in one of startup companies one day! Looking forward to meet again soon!

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  1. Henrik Ahlén
    Henrik Ahlén says:

    Thanks for a great post! Indeed a different VC meeting compared to all the stiff Stockholm events I have attended!
    Over here the prevailing feeling is that all VC. really hate everything connected with risk, requiring belts and suspenders and allsorts of guarantees and then still backing out…

    So no wonder Skype never got any Swedish investors…


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