Yes, economy is in a down-turn. But yet some of the most exciting opportunities arise for internet related business’.

I have been an Entrepreneur long enough to see recessions come and go, and I think we still have seen a small part of the impact that Internet brings, and that this recession will not impact it much over the long run (also I think even though this is a major economic down-turn, it’s characteristics can not be compared to the Great Depressions, mainly because the economy is a lot more Global today, which means faster impact, wider spread, but also quicker recovery).

Comparisons between the Internet and the railroad boom of the late 19th and early 20th century in the US, often lack some major differences, the Internet impact is global, and in a time where the economy is more global than ever. Besides the extent of change is beyond “transportation”, it’s instant, holds a global reach, and the only real comparison that holds relevance is how the invention of the printing press changed the world.

Kind of odd “preaching” the Internet significance today, as it seems evident to most people, but I am certain that the extent of the impact the Internet have is not that evident yet, there is a lot more to come.

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