It’s summer and it’s vacation times for me, mostly because my spouse has more of a normal job, where she needs to plan her vacation. But this year I have been working too much, and too hard and have really starting to loose a bit of the joy that my work usually give me (which also means that my productivity falls).

At any rate, now, after a few weeks vacation, and I am starting to get my thoughts and ideas organized and finding a new focus for the remainder of the year (not only work related), and I am realizing that Vacation resolutions is so much more relevant than “New years resolutions”, I will try to work my way to find a hide-way period (or vacation) a few times each year to get a bigger perspective, organize my thoughts and come back more focused and with more energy.

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  1. Henrik Ahlén
    Henrik Ahlén says:

    Vacation resolutions: great idea!
    They are probably much more founded on effective brain work compared to trying to think during New Years festivities…
    I believe in thinking hard to formulate problems and goals and then letting it go for some time, the brain has a remarkable way of chugging along in the background so that the solutions and smart ideas suddenly appear in daylight when one least expects it.

    During my vacation I just read a number of inspiring books like “Here comes everybody”. I also re-read “the 4-Hour work week”, it has made me plan some productivity-enhancing resolutions and strengthened my quest for an online “muse” to run together with someone that also sees all the new online possibilities.

  2. Jonathan
    Jonathan says:

    I try to go away two months a year – one month in spring, one month in autumn – to get a kind of “re-charge”. Each time I’ve come back from one of these, I tend to be somewhat more productive than I was before I went. And I spend them doing stuff that I just don’t do while working: being outside a lot, doing more physical things and so forth. I used to wonder if I’d be able to sustain doing these and working. Now I wonder if I would be able to sustain working without doing them… 🙂


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