Micro-blogging is really catching on in 2008-2009, and it’s starting to be a global event feed system, and working much like the neural network of the brain, impulses are created in one end, reacted upon, growing, changing, escalating over the globe.

Companies are starting to use it as an event feed of just about everything from CNN that publish news story links in real-time, to small companies building awareness of what they are doing right now.

Some people on my social network online, like Jeff Pulver uses Twitter and micro-blogging to get help and find resources for small or big projects. Others I know say it takes them just minutes to find somebody that can do, or help them with just about anything, just be sharing their need using Twitter.

Micro-blogging is like search, but you don’t need to know what to search for. It’s like a constant flow of new input.

My Entrepreneur friend and business partner Erik and me discussed this over lunch today, and I think that micro-blogging might very well be the “next search”, by which I mean it will not replace search, but we might see an evolution just as we did with the search engines.

Maybe Twitter will not even survive, but there will be somebody else to figure out how to create a business model around this. Or a number of them, and then we will see a number of niche applications around the same event and sharing concept. One example is a new knowledge management and “keep your team up-to-date and managed” service that soon will be launched by my new venture, bootstrapLabs.

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