With everything going on in the world’s financial crisis. And with me in the midst of going to Silicon Valley to build my next venture, the only thing that worries my really is the big government “rescue-packages” that many countries are too busy doing.

I am fairly certain that some of these bail-out efforts are necessary, but most are just either making it worse or building up for a major financial crisis in the future (in bigger proportions than we are seeing today), or being a real-world version of Ayn Rands Atlas Shrugged.

Jay at Growthink wrote a good blog-post, about letting America’s Entrepreneurs “breathe again”, this is something that Europe should pick, up, so Entrepreneurs, write your politicians and share your thoughts, I am going to write the one’s I voted for.

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  1. Wille
    Wille says:

    I find it amusing that the same politicians that critisize the shortsightedness of “quarterly capitalism” make policies entirely predicated on what they think tomorrows headlines will say about them..

    That being said, I would claim that how this all will play out is quite easy to guess with a high level of probability, making it probably one of the best points in recent history for good investments based on macro trends (everyone else is too focused on the short term to pay attention to the long term effects).


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