I have been using Prezi a lot for the past two weeks, and it is an amazingly simple but effective tool.

Prezi is a presentation tool that provides an non-linear way of presenting information, in contrast to the slide-by-slide PowerPoints that we are used to.

Think about it, PowerPoint is really just the old slide projector in digital form (and some bells and whistles that allows adding sounds and video). But almost all PowerPoint presentations that I have seen could just as easily have been done on the old printed transparent slides.

With Prezi you have a blank canvas, that can be as big as you want, and you can Zoom in on the details, go back to the overview and then into another details. The presentation don’t have to go step-by-step.

However, Prezi provides an step-by-step mode, which is useful for sending presentations to people and give then an idea of your intended order of digesting the information/presentation.

This is achieved using Paths through the canvas, that get users an intended flow. Users can always pan or zoom into areas of particular interest. There is not limit how deep in or out you can zoom.

It takes a bit getting used too, but now I am starting to use Prezi for everything from presentations to documenting workshops and brainstorming sessions.

The Zoomable canvas and very simple editing makes it quite quick to work with, and especially effective when trying to capture an unstructured flow of ideas and information.

Try it out, and tell me what you think of Prezi!

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