I have had a break in the blog posts, due to getting over to the US and getting settled, but also because being so busy over here.

So I am now in the Valley, that is Silicon Valley. I am slowing getting settled with everything, and getting some traction behind my different projects with-in BootstrapLabs (such as Prezi). It’s Friday afternoon, and pretty tired, I have had a very productive week with some very good meeting with everything from CTO’s in some top companies to Entrepreneurs and founders of some of the most well-known Internet startups in the valley.

I see great progress for the first initial companies that BootstrapLabs is bringing over to the valley from Europe

BootstrapLabs has got it’s office now in Redwood City, and I am working with some people here in the valley to build a very interesting incubator model with associated business development activities.

I think we will be able to offer an very attractive model for companies to get established in the valley and get successful.

All and all, a great few weeks, I hit the ground running and is still trying to get some orientation of everything that is happening. I am having great fun, and the wheather have been terrific (28-35 C during the days), besides the amazing people and business climate.

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