TechCrunch wrote about Bodega today. Bodega is a very interesting idea, and I think we will see more and more of these.

But I wonder when the SEC:s an FSA:s of the world will start to regulate these as some form of banking business…

BodegaAs more games on the web begin to embrace virtual currency, users often run into the same problem: they’ve racked up mountains of whatever currency they’ve been playing with, but then don’t have a way to actually do anything with it outside of that game. Sure, they can always buy the latest tractor or weapon to arrive in their game, but at some point that gets old and they’re ready to cash out and move on to something new. Enter Bodega, a new platform that’s looking to help users swap virtual goods and currencies across different games, and even across different social networks.

More at TechCrunch:

Bodega: A Cross-Platform Marketplace That Lets Gamers Swap Virtual Currencies For Cash

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