Ok, Google Voice is great, and I really enjoy the voice to text function to get searchable voice mails. But sometimes it does not work very well, and turns out pretty funny.

It’s almost as this could be a spammer nonsense text (the actual message is in Swedish, and says something of the tune, translated of course: “I don’t need to pick up my daughter, so can meet at 11.00” at your office, my mobile number is xxx).

Google Voice “amusement” version:

I spoke to you, give you 1,000,007 and the women’s open for us to kinda circle matter how much on and call me a phone call them and the American way in the that Taylor and while talked. The did come to love him and just wanted to know if the Ball Kai on the phone cut off and a couple of minutes. 2nd Street and I wanted to. I was going also, so we’ll talk over the summer forum. Okay, have, a, also we will be used, for the personal book something going on if you got them all. Dot at the moment. No need to, this is not a sale.

How in the world did Google Voice generate this long message?? (no Swedish is not that verbose!)

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