From one of the BootstrapLabs projects, we have been looking at affiliate programs for restaurant reservations here in the US, but it seems like the only big player in the reservation space is OpenTable, that IMHO has a pretty unattractive affiliate program. They reset earnings each month, they have min. threshold for payment with no roll-over of earnings to next month – and the have a pretty high number of reservations to be useful.

Please comment on experience, thoughts or ideas for other affiliate programs for restaurant bookings!

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  1. John Dowd
    John Dowd says:

    We are Simple Hospitality in the UK and are the Sales Agent for e-Restaurant, a customer and reservation management system for restaurants and restaurant chains. From our own research, and interest we have received from US restaurants, OpenTable indeed seem to have the lion share of the market in the States, but we are finding that many US customers are starting to move away from OpenTable because of their exorbitant prices. The main benefit that OpenTable has at present is their restaurant network and the ability to use this network to generate business. However this can be a disadvantage to a restaurant as competition is high and a single restaurant becomes 1 in a 1000 or more in the OpenTable network. Although e-Restaurant does not have a network of resturants like OpenTable, it does offer its own marketing tool which allows restaurants to take control, capture information on their customers, market their own business and promote their own website, where a diner can make a reservation on line. With no set up charge and no commission it is a very effective solution for restaurants who do not want high costs. Prices are based on a monthly or annual subscription which all our restaurants find very affordable. Our business model has previously been to sell e-Restaurant direct to the end-user, but we are now beginning to set up relationships with resellers around the world who wish to promote and sell on our product. We are getting quite a lot of interest from many countries and in fact we have recently signed up a Reseller in New York. If this all sounds of interest to you, and you think we can set up a mutually beneficial relationship then please get in touch. Regards. John


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