We are very happy to announce that today BootstrapWorks is being launched.

BootstrapWorks is a technology and software development lab, that offer world-class software development resources to BootstrapLabs and it’s companies and to some external clients outside the group. BootstrapWorks is part of the BootstrapLabs group.

BootstrapWorks has primary focus in mobile solutions and in building back-end scalable solutions that power millions and millions of daily users.  Read some more about BootstrapWorks on our website, where we will add more information and blog posts as we go on the different projects we are working on. We are heavy on building production level code that can be iteratively refined during the life-cycle of a product or solution. We work mostly and prefer Java and frameworks and technologies such as the Play Framework and scalable databases such as SimpleDB or Apache Cassandra, but we have experience in Python/PHP, Objective-C and use those technologies were applicable.

If you are building a web-scale business and need help building that back-end system, don’t hesitate to contact us!

From the BootstrapWorks blog.

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