Maybe there is hope for Spotify after all, after reading this: iPod, Meet Spotify; iTunes, Say Hello To Your Future Rival. First I have to say that I absolutley love Spotify’s product. It’s a great team, and I am furtunate to be connected with some of the early team that created spotify, so I have been using it since the very early and closed test versions. Until about 2 years ago, when I came to the US to build up BootstrapLabs, because Spotify is not in the US and does not work in the US.

And over time I have slowly started to think that, their fate might be the same as so many great European startups, they are surpassed by US (mostly Silicon Valley) startups that start later, but execute quicker. The European ones tend to end up in the dead pool, or be acquired by the US competitor. It’s dangerous to be too late in entering the US market for European startups.

For a company like Spotify, this is especially true, when over 50% of the world’s music market (in $) happen to be in the US, and Spotify has yet to come to the US. I am not alone in this thinking, when I talk to founders of some of the big Silicon Valley music startups.

I hope I am wrong, and that Spotify, will soon enter the US market, and take a stronghold position!

What are your thoughts?

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