Fresh from the Witsbits blog:

Yesterday we snuck out a new major release* of Witsbits! We are very exited about it, please check it out and send us your comments about it!

A major upgrade is the Hosted Private Cloud feature. You can now rent servers from your favorite service provider directly from within the management console.

*If you already use Witsbits you don’t need to do anything, you are already upgraded.


  • Private Cloud (on-premise) – your own servers – no software!
  • Hosted Private Cloud – rent the servers you need directly from a service provide of your choice!
  • Hybrid Cloud – combine on-premise servers and hosted/rented servers!

Log in to Witsbits and the setup wizard will get you going in just a few minutes.


Are you a Hosting Provider? Please contact me if you would like to offer your servers through It’s very easy to set it up.

Stay Snappy,

* If you already use Witsbits you don’t need to do anything, you are already upgraded.

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Great article about Zerply in the New York Times:

Despite its recent IPO, there’s a strong feeling among many people online that the professional network LinkedIn doesn’t quite work for them. Despite its millions of users, it isn’t necessarily easy to find people on LinkedIn that you’d want to work for you. And just as importantly, young people in particular feel as though you have to “put on a suit and tie and become part of a corporate structure” in order to participate.

Read the full article here

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Great news, that have already appeared in a few places across the web:  We are very happe to share that Dave McClure is now investing in Zerply!

Congratulations Christofer, Taaniel and the rest of the team!

Zerply will also work with the 500 Startups program, which will greatly help Zerply accelerate their momentum. BootstrapLabs and the advisory team here will continue to support Zerply moving forward, and we are all very excited about having Dave McClure and 500 Startups involved with Zerply!

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BootstrapLabs, in collaboration with PariSoma, is looking for three European startups that are ready to come to Silicon Valley to participate in the European Startup Demo Night in San Francisco on July 21st.

The European Startup Demo Night is an invitation only event, that will match a select group of 10 startups with an audience of over 40 investors. Many leading angels and venture capitalists will be in attendance – among the anticipated audience: DFJ, Bessemer, Intel Capital, Accel, Trident and Google Ventures among many others.

All of these investors focus on early stage venture capital and/or angel rounds.

BootstrapLabs will select 3 candidates based on presentation, product / technology, team, and market potential.  Candidates who are selected will be allowed to give a 4 minute presentation, followed by a 4 minute Q&A at the event in San Francisco.

Participating companies will be responsible for all costs during the trip.


  • European startups looking to raise an early stage round in Silicon Valley
  • Roadmap that includes going to Silicon Valley
  • You must be able to come an present in Silicon Valley at the event on July 21st.
  • Product focus in IT, Internet, Software, Cloud, SaaS, Digital Media.

Reach out to us here.

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The Startup Visa has been on it’s way to legislation since last year, the Startup Visa had been first introduced in the US Senate in 2010 but was allowed to expire. Now it’s time again, and I hope it will become legislation, because if there is one single thing I learned about what makes Silicon Valley what it is, it’s the constant influx of people from all over the world.

And if that can be increased we will see even more things happen here in Silicon Valley, and it will fuel the recovery of the US economy with both jobs and economic growth. It is the one single thing that the US can do to increase it’s competative advantage in the global economy.

I support the Startup Visa, as it will help many of the entrepreneurs I work with every day,  read more about it here, in an interview by the Economic Times.

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Starting in May, BootstrapLabs now also has an office location in SOMA in San Francisco. CEO/Founder of BootstrapLabs, Nicolai Wadstrom will be working from this office from now on. At this location we also have space to host our European founders when they are in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Redwood City through our Partnership with White & Lee (and Whiteboard Accelerator), will continue to be a great location for our companies, to host their staff and operations. With the addition of the San Francisco location, we are also close to all of the startup activity in the San Francisco SOMA area, and a great location for events and networking.

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BootstrapLabs company Urban Metrics is still in stealth now starting to roll out a closed Alpha test of it’s first product URBANiGO, a Social Discovery service for consumers.

To get an invite for the service, once it opens for a Beta testing, goto the URBANiGO website:

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FunRock Media’s is new game Commandster is now in Alpha, you can try the new game here.

FunRock Media is an independent gaming company with a true passion for browser based games. FunRock Media have adopted the “freemium” business model, and all games are free to play.

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Please join BootstrapLabs founder, Nicolai Wadstrom, on April 13, 2011, from 5:30pm to 8:00pm for a Silicon Vikings evening focusing on the needs of Nordic companies in transitioning to Silicon Valley, and the services, training and preparation which ought to be offered by incubators in the Nordic region to prepare start-ups for the journey.

University based business incubators are needed to facilitate commercialization for university developed technology as well as to give entrepreneurs hands-on practical training. What practical training do they need? What is the feed back loop? What regular program of “show and tell” sessions will ensure that entrepreneurs get feedback early and often.

While an incubator cannot duplicate or replace an entire ecosystem, learning to interact with the other players in the entrepreneurial startup ecosystem is a key driver — how is this to be done? Where and when does the tech transfer office get involved? How do the incubators prepare the startup for the challenges and opportunities of Silicon Valley?

Silicon Vikings has gathered a panel (including BootstrapLabs founder, Nicolai Wadstrom) to debate these topics and offer observations and suggestions. The audience will include the heads of InnovationsbronSIVAAalto Venture Garage and many other University affiliated incubators from the Nordic Region in the Valley to attend the National Business Incubator Association Conference in San Jose April 10-13.

More details at Silicon Vikings Website.

Please RSVP here.


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Fresh from the Prezi blog:

Having lived in Asia myself, it’s really nice to see that Prezi has started to grow in Korea and Japan. I felt really impressed with the energy and all the creative use of Prezi.

Prezi for Dummies – the Korean translation of last year’s original US release – was brought to life with the help of Jihoon Roh (upper left). He’s the guy that helped us to get our first Korean font set. Prezi lecturer Do-won Lee (upper right) wrote another book for the Korean market which introduces Prezi’s best practices and a manual. Dowon also created a nice prezi introducing his book. Check out Daum, Facebook or Naver to join the Korean buzz, these community sites for more info.

We also had a great Prezi Night Tokyo party where the first Japanese Prezi book was introduced.
The tickets for the party sold out in a few hours! You can keep up with Japanese community on both facebook and twitter.

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