My posts have been a bit infrequent the past month or so, I have just had a baby daughter, finishing of projects before christmas, and preparing for the move to San Francisco and get some traction for my new venture, bootstrapLabs over there.

At any rate, here’s this weeks link, and it goes to Alfa Bravo, the last post today is about LeWeb 2008, that Henrik is attending.

Henrik Ahlen behind AlfaBravo, is a Entrepreneur friend of mine, with an impressive background in Multimedia and online Video. He also arrange the VideoBar events in Stockholm teaching corporate reps and the Stockholm media industry how they can use and combine video and social media online to enhance their communication and dialog with their customers.

And soon it’s time to think about gifts, and Erik suggested an interesting idea, give links, and anyone involved in any type of online marketing know the power and value of links. Christian wrote about it as well.

So I am picking up this idea, and will give a X-Mas link every week until X-Mas this year!

So my first link goes to Stefan Engeseth, he is whirlwind of inspiration, he gives lectures and have published a number of books, and also has a blog where he shares his inspiration.