Great post at GigaOM:

As this cloud stack hardens, new applications and services –- previously unthinkable -– will come to light, in all shapes and sizes. But the one thing they will all have in common is Big Data.

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With this week’s announcements from Sun, and recent development in the Cloud computing area, I think one thing is becoming more apparent to me;

The cloud computing is a lot more disruptive than I thought.

And I thought cloud computing was very disruptive and the slow decline of local software and associated license models.

What I am now realising is that cloud computing is also disrupting a IT service industry segments that have so far have been harder to *-source somewhere else. Part of this is in cost-reductions of doing things in larger scale datacenters as well.

Now almost any company can host the majority of the compute power needed remotely. And once they do that, why would they employ local services for assistence when everything is done remotely anyway (on the Internet it’s just as far to Bangalore), but most importantly things are becoming clearly defined and packaged in it’s offerings. This will drive another way of *-sourcing, not only to lower-wage countries, but it will disrupt many service companies in the IT sector.

Some of the online media covered this recently, IDG (Swedish).