I see a lot of different startup ideas, concepts and early-stage products every week. Here is one that emerged recently, that I would like to get some feedback on!
It is in the kind of crowded Cloud Storage spaces, but it seems that it is also an quickly and ever growing need combined with an area with room for innovation.
Please share your thoughts on if you would buy this product:
  • Unlimited storage Cloud Drive
  • 1GByte upload per month
  • All data stored on multiple secure datacenter locations.
  • First version support for local sync client that can be installed on multiple computers (Windows & OS X, and Linux at some point).
  • Roadmap has clients that will support selective synchronization.
  • Roadmap has support for client side encryption etc (maybe as an additional monthly fee in a premium version).
  • Price $5/month
 The idea is that we have nowhere to put our increasing digital library that has all of our stuff, from source codes, to video clips, photos, or just all of our files…
All and any thoughts and feedback is greatly appreciated. What is your killer needs for Cloud Storage that you would like to see solved?