Joi Ito, the CEO of Creative Commons, spoke about Barriers of Innovation and how the layers of the Internet have lowered these. It started with “Getting IBM and McKinsey out of the loop.” was what drove the development to connect and build the Internet infrastructure, and then Sir Tim Berners-Lee, wanted to easily reference related research articles, and all this led to a shift in how content is created, treated and distributed.

Creative Commons
Background, sharing in the old media happens through lawyers meeting to negotiate MUSD content syndication and distribution deals. Old media fights the most expensive thing on the Internet; incoming links and references. New media; sue Google for a billion, get a little bit in settlement.

Creative Commons Licensing
Creative Commons, have 6 different licenses, to simplify legal aspects and sharing for people creating content. This makes it easy for anybody from Obhama or Gwen Stefani to you and me to share things with a predictable copyright legality. Creative commons now also supports the emerging RDFa standard, a standard for semantic markup copyright and licensing.

In summary; Nothing new to most of us, but the ones it affects the most, old media need to change their business models to take advantage of the enormous distribution.
And as I have written about before on this blog, the power of sharing and the power of Open Source is not free, but the result of free over the Internet => distribution.

Some questions for Joi:
– What is really deemed commercial use today? Currencies on the Internet or not always monetary.