Continued from my previous post yesterday. Some more thought, and predictions of the future to come 😉

The diversification of micro-blogging will not only be on business models, the nature of micro-blogging will change and will be the carrier of a great number of types of conversations and snippets of input and output.

The big change in search introduced by Google was relevance. Not perfect, but relevant enough to be useful, the same thing will happen with micro-blogging and the growing interchange of these small messages, will need to be relevant for micro-blogging to be useful and survive in the long-run.

The “spammy” companies that use it to promote their products and services have a place in all this, but that will work just as well as non-targeted advertising on the Internet did in the 1990-ies (which is just as bad as off-line…), so promotion and PR online will have to find new models, were they engage in relevant conversations with target groups or can pin-point there messages/information where it’s relevant at that time.

Some things I think we will see:

Micro-conversations. What we call micro-blogging today, will probably more accurately be “micro-conversations” in the future.

Event feeds. Pushed event feeds from media houses such as CNN that can push their news stories in real-time, this is valuable for a lot of people even though the tweets are one-way.

Presence. Presence will evolve, something we (me and my co-founders) have explored a bit in GlocalReach, it will control how people and technology interact with you in a much more subtle and encompassing way.

“Micro-knowledge”. Or distributed knowledge. The heavy touted and advanced technologies for Knowledge Management, will find a new home, that is much simplier and will travel through the micro-blogging networks (IBM is exploring this internally already).

The mix and multitude of variation of different sources and with different models adds value in the mix here.

This week’s “christmas calendar” link goes to Moyume, Moyume is a microblogging for photos. It makes it very easy to share photos with friends and family, both near and far.

Expecting my first child with-in a month and in the process of moving to San Francisco, I will introduce Moyume to my mother and other family so that they can follow us thousands of miles away.