I am sure this will not hit, but they are on to something.

I think we are going to see a number of specific purpose devices that are in fact a mobile phone data device behind the scenes.

I’m sure the TweeterPeek is a wonderful device, but most feature phones now include a Twitter app. So if you’re really getting into Twitter, first reevaluate your life, and then check out your cell phone provider’s offers to make sure you simply can’t upgrade your phone to get access to Twitter. Or you can just drop $200 on the TweeterPeek and call it good. Your call.

More at CrunchGear: The TwitterPeek is a Peek that tweets

Reid Hoffman

The mobile phone is the new Internet I think; from GigaOM today:

“The insight on web 2.0 is the web isn’t this strange place but is actually part of how we navigate our actual life, so with the web delivered to a mobile device, one of these things that will happen is that the same principle will now also be true for real-time applications and apps where people can do stuff from their phone,” Hoffman said.