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Thanks, Amazon

The weather in Eastern US is a personal tragedy for some people, and is making many other daily lives troublesome. For much of the Silicon Valley and Startup crowd, it has brought down some major web services, such as Netflix, Pintrest, Instagram, this website and a number of BootstrapLabs servers and services. And we may all […]

Happiness, outliers and Entrepreneurs

This is why Entrepreneurship is less prevalent in “average” societies or normalized societies. In societies that strive to create a norm, we eliminate the outliers, the entrepreneurs and the extraordinary talent. In societies that embrace individuality, the outliers typically flourish. Watch this great TED video on research on happiness, that touch this in the beginning, and a good lesson on happiness:


Dethroning Silicon Valley

In reply to “Silicon Valley is losing it’s X Factor” by Alex Barrera, today, Mattias thanks for the tweet! Well written post, but I don’t really agree with (all of) his conclusions, and some facts are wrong, Songkick was not Sequoia’s first European investment, it was their first UK one. They invested in Klarna in 2010 […]


Newsweek, seriously?

Newsweek, seriously? Yesterday Newsweek published a provocative article by Rob Cox, called “The Ruthless Overlords of Silicon Valley.” It is about the entrepreneurs that created companies, and did share the spoils generously with employees to create  more millionaires than anybody in history. Behind the hoodies and flip-flops lurk businesspeople as rapacious as the black-suited and […]

Proposing a DNS record for Maven repositories

If you know all about Maven skip down to A DNS Record for Maven Repositories Most people that do software development and/or deployment on environments that run on the JVM (Java Virtual Machine), have come across Apache Maven (or tools such as Apache Ivy that interface with Maven repositories), and know that it is a great tool […]