Closing a 350M Euro fund is impressive, and I think it’s still a bit tough.

But Sarah at TechCrunch; even though the crisis is global, think about the fact that there is always big volume of funds from Pensions funds, and other sources that are to be invested for returns in the long-term. Part of these big institutional capital goes into VC funds, and to make a return in 5-10 years. Long beyond the current financial crisis, and also what are the alternative investment targets for that institutional capital?

Most of these institutions operate on a model where the capital is placed in to different “baskets” with different risk ratios (or a similair model), and the index venture fund is probabally interesting for one of these risk ranges. Also in these times a lot of alternative investments are quite insecure (even though cash seems secure it is gives an extremely low return, through interest rates, and is quite volatile, just ask people holding Swedish crona, SEK the past few months).

Live at Innovation and Technology, started the day with a speech from Jeff Pulver, good and inspirational, thanks Jeff!

Some facts about the Swedish Entrepreneurial climate, after some input during the day; Out of 25 EU countries, Sweden ranks no 18 in number of people owning or running a Business. Then there is a difference between the large international companies and the Mom & Pop stores, but all companies start small…

Sweden and Stockholm holds the promise of being one of the most promising innovation and entrepreneurial centers, with a high concentration of international companies to lure skilled staff from or as early customers, good innovation climate, fairly low salleries and living costs, but…

– High taxes creates fewer Business Angles, compared to most European countries and the US (less rich people in Sweden and a general low risk attitude).
– High labour costs due to high employment taxes (50% for low income, 75% or more for manages etc)
– Government seed funding is very low, compared to the US.

If Sweden could address some or all of these, Sweden and Stockholm in particular holds the promise to be one of the best innovation centers in Europe. Even though being a UK resident, being a Swede and Entrepreneur at heart I take an interest in these matters and I hold high hopes for the new government to change things.

Blogging live from Innovation & Technology,

Erik Starck at Framtidstanken listed my blog here, with a list of blogs that he would like to spread, original post is here. This is a variation of the old chain-letters, I hope as Erik Starck suggested somebody draws a graphical map of the Blog relationships.
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I got this in the mail from Jeff Pulver (the VoIP guru):

See Jeff’s blog to read more about it.

Haven’t we all been in this situation at one time or another, it’s a wonder some shops actually do sell something, and I have actually been in the exact same situation in the Apple store in San Francisco (next time I will be sure to use my mobile’s video recording facility), I think it took over 10 minutes to find somebody that would actually sell me something.

Did find an interesting thing today, a few people at DMU (De Montfort University in the UK), has started a project to write a Novel collaboratively on the Internet using a Wiki (just as Wikipedia, in fact it is using the same Wiki software).

So check it out, and if you ever had thoughts about writing this might a good first go at it:

After some configuration problems (I finally had time to get Blojsom to co-exist nicely with the web publishing framework that I use), this blog is now finally live!